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SunGard was an American multinational company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, which provided software and services to education, financial services, and public sector organizations. It was formed in 1983, as a spin-off of the computer services division of Sun Oil Company. The name of the company originally was an acronym which stood for Sun Guaranteed Access to Recovered Data, a reference to the disaster recovery business it helped pioneer. SunGard was ranked at 480th in the U.S. Fortune 500 list in the year 2012.

A user mentioned, "Sungard emailing service clogs up our inboxes and sometimes gets flagged as spam due to the sheer amount of emails they send. It's so annoying."


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Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"They hire in waves, and fire in waves."

Former Employee - Engineer says


Janitor says

"No hazard pay for workers required to be onsite They decided to tell all employees there would be no merit increase in middle of pandemic. News went over like lead balloon for staff/contractors required to with onsite. Be assured the Execs and board will get their bonuses. No respect for “leaders” who sit at home in safety of their selves and family while directing others what to do."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"filed bankruptcy, client trust is declining, cant sell new products, terrible customer service"

Former Employee - Pre-Sales says

"It's sad really. AWS is killing them. There are a lot of reviews about how awful their management is and how awful their products are, and all of those are true, but the real problem is AWS is simply putting them out of business. There isn't much they can do honestly, and even if there was, this group of management leaders certainly isn't capable of executing it. Sales is run by a goofball that likes to "see the whites of everyone's eyes" on conference calls like seeing their face is some motivational factor. Pre-sales is run by a gruff a-hole who things management consists of elevated levels of screaming at people. Marketing is a joke. Product development should just quit because it seems like they already have. And the culture is basically Bosnia circa 1990. It just needs to be bought and folded into a larger managed services organization. If you are new to technology and just starting your career, then this is the perfect place, get your experience, get your technology certifications, then get the f out."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pretty much every thing else"

Current Employee - Senior Solutions Architect says

"Consistently declining revenue causing regular layoffs Layoffs place greater burden on those left behind Silos between orgs prevent innovation and collaboration"

Manager says

"It's mid February and the company has no 2020 budget. No goals. No direction. 2019 guaranteed bonuses haven't been paid. Fully expecting no merit increases for 2020 and 401k match to be cut or dropped. Sungard paid millions to a consulting firm last year to supposedly provide guidance on how to turn the financial picture around. However all suggestions apparently ignored as no results of the company's analysis were ever shared with employees."

Former Employee - Manager says

"No work/life balance No communication on critical changes within the company Constant management changes No mentorship or trusted advisors as everyone is trying to save their own job Not enough people for the workload Not hiring employees only contractors, so no one puts in enough effort for clients No regard for clients - take their money and turn in terrible quality of work No career growth"

Former Employee - Director says

"Missed the boat on shift to stay relevant. Because of the lack of agility, they were not able to move quick enough to keep pace with other businesses. They found their niche which only requires a small staff so they needed to downsize tremendously."

Client Services Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you have given up on your career and believe there is no place for you to work, this is the place you want to park your career at. The environment is unpredictable, there is no hope for advancement and the fact that they filed bankruptcy without notifying their clients and employees made everyone lose trust in their future. There is no transparency nor encouragement for advancement. Everyone is afraid to be the next inline to be laid off therefore no one trust anyone. Very poisonous environment to be at for the time being."

Operations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management is bias. Work is always transferred for others to work during nights. They don’t like you taking Sick Leave. Cabling standards never discussed, customers suffer mess of cable runs. Company suffered debt. Always tensed when they would terminate you. No appreciations."

Service Delivery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is abusive. They can't lead their way out of a wet paper bag. Through an organizational change I was forced to report to someone else and expand my role (which I did NOT want because of the manager and role). The training on the new role took place over the course of 2 one-hour phone calls, which was completely inadequate. All in all Sungard was the very worst place I've ever worked and the management was the absolute worst people I've ever worked for."

DataCenter Operations Technician (Former Employee) says

"Managers has his on pets and i won't recommend anyone to work for its. No growth ...Worst place i ever worked. Even though you work hard you will be disparaged by the manager."

Telecommunications Manager (Former Employee) says

"Contract employee working at a local community college. Worked independently most of the time I was there. Lost the job in 2009 since the college went out to bid for IT services and Sungard lost the bid and I found myself unemployed."

Receptionist/Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Sungard Higher Education/Ellucian is an exciting competitive company with innovative products and services.great place to work.full beneifits from day one."

PC Technician (Former Employee) says

"This place will work you to death. You have managers who have no idea what your job really is or what it takes to get the job done. Unrealistic time lines and unrealistic goals."

Accountant (Current Employee) says

"I have worked here for 5+ years and things have gotten progressively worse in that time. Morale is now at an ALL TIME LOW. As long as people keep leaving (about 30-40% turnover in last 4 months) and management stays the same, it will not get any better. The least I can do is share my experience with anyone looking to apply here and let them know the truth, before they make a huge mistake. Management is out of touch with the amount of work it takes to follow their outdated processes. Accountants are stuffing envelopes and counting them to make sure the mail goes out ok. You spend weeks preparing manual reports and then putting them in's 2012, not 1985. Good luck if you come to work here, because more people are leaving fast.nothingthere are too many to list here"

GL Accountant (Current Employee) says

"I am happy current and former employees are coming here to warn potential candidates about the failures of the finance team in Philadelphia. I wouldn't recommend jobs in this office to my worst enemy. There is no work/life balance. Senior management says "lean is here to stay" other words "we don't care how many hours you have to work, we wont hire the right amount of people to do the job". There are NO advancement opportunities.This would be slightly bearable if salaries were good and raises were fair, but they aren't. You are going to see more jobs here because of the amount of people who are planning to get out. HR is utterly useless, because they don't do anything to address the reasons why people are leaving. If you can, wait for something better- because this office is a dead end. Good Luck.staff really tries to do a good job in a bad senior leadership, long hours, working holidays, working weekends"

GL (Current Employee) says

"I have to echo some of the other reviews here about the positions at the shared service center in Philadelphia. Let me just bullet point some of the lowlights:-Upper management is comical and has no idea how to run day to day ops.-There is absolutely NO chance for advancement, nor does management even try to help you better yourself professionally-You work horrifically long hours and holidays which include Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, New Years Day, 4th of July and in managements infinite wisdom you now work Labor Day (if you like summer holidays- too bad)!!-HR does not advocate for any changes to help employees-Don't expect your annual review to match your increase- increases are done by 1 person who doesn't work with you-There are so many people looking to leave and no one in upper management sees this as their failure...-Its a sad situation with what amounts to sad employee moraleemployes who decide to stay are trying very hard to manage their work and not break downthere are too many to list here, just be warned if you are crazy enough to interview here"

Revenue (Former Employee) says

"Mismanagement does not even begin to describe the Shared Service Center. Management is not in touch with day to day operations and has placed a global group around to filter information coming in and out of the SSC. There are so many people looking to leave and the global leads wear that as a badge of honor. There is absolutely no rooom for advancement and no support from management to make things better. Long hours, working holidays, low to no raises (that you don't ever know what the figure is based on because there is no connection between performance and raise). If you put your job above all else in life, then this is the place for you.If you value anything outside of work- STAY AWAY!!!day to day employees are great and really care about resultseverything else"

Business Analyst - Financials, Purchasing, HR (Former Employee) says

"No management support - no feedback, no support, no advancement opportunities, no training available. Unsure of the companies future - several layoffs have happened in the last 6 months."

GL (Former Employee) says

"You are forced to work Jan 1st, July 4th and Labor Day. The hours are long and you are NEVER recognized for a good job. The cost of benefits increase each year and you end up with less take home pay than the year before. There are many, many people trying very hard to get out...if you can afford to wait for something better- please do! If you value work life balance- SunGard is not a try to keep morale upshared service center is a joke.."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is going down and the management knows that but they rather milk the company and its client. The clients know that and started to take major and aggressive ways to leave the company. No job security ro all employees in the middle level"

Data Center Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Company is downsizing and in disarray. More customers are leaving then coming. Losses are excessive. Equipment is out dated. Tools and other equipment was purchased by myself. The company can not even buy hand tools to to our job.NoneMangement"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked anywhere with so much hostility and lack of civility. Worst place I've ever worked.RateNo structure, no mentoring, no support, no training, no humanity"

Former employee (Former Employee) says

"IT professionals - only take a job at Sungard if you are desperate for a paycheck. This is a horrible place to work that constantly lays people off. Depressing work areas, no training, no goals, no consistent direction, no raises, good luck getting so much as a pen. Management is clueless and lacks integrity, and is deceiving the customer base. They are selling MRP with no idea how to deliver it and no staff to support it. Processes change daily. Internal systems are ancient and there is no budget to fix them. DR is a dying field due to virtualization, cloud technologies and the abundance of raised floor space most companies have. Avoid this dying dinosaur of a company at all costs. If you need a job, work here for the check and look for something else.Decent starting salary and benefitsLayoffs, no raises, no training, no direction, etc etc etc"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Seems to be in financial trouble and never meets quarterly sales goals. No funds for professional development. Always in a state of Reduction in Force. Outsourcing a lot of jobs to India and Costa Rica. Decent pay scale. Was able to work remotely which is a great perk. Good benefits."

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Manager of AP there don’t seem to care about staff,never use to acknowledge her team,couldn’t make decision without running to her big boss to check first. Very rude and they all slate you behind your back,in there deputy. Very unprofessional and two faced. HR are only interested in the company and not the individual,if they don’t like you they find a way to get rid of you....Avoid!!"

Operations Technician (Former Employee) says

"Don’t apply ever ever ever ever for any reason. Want to know more? Management had no idea what they were doing. Hiring overseas, yeah great idea? You were bankrupt for 48 hours. A ceo who thought outsourcing would fix problems, but created more."

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